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Veterinary Prescription Diets at All Creatures

When your pets are sick, their nutritional requirements often change. To maximize a sick pet’s chances of recovery, a properly balanced diet is vital. The diet must be suited to the pet’s particular medical condition. That’s why we stock a range of high quality prescription diets specially formulated to provide the optimal nutritional requirements for your pet’s medical condition. We have chosen to stock a diet range for your pet that we strongly believe in. 

For quality and reliability, we can only recommend Hills Prescription diets – these were the very first diets for specific medical conditions, founded in 1939. The diets have been extensively tried and tested and are backed by a huge amount of veterinary scientific research data. The ingredients in Hills Prescription Diets exceed industry standards for purity and nutritional content.

Hills Pet Nutrition has a mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. Learn more about Science Diet and Prescription Diet pet foods at 

Find it cheaper anywhere else? Let us know and we’ll match it or beat it. 

There is an extensive range of Hills Prescription Diets available at All Creatures for both cats and dogs and it is available in both wet and dry forms.  New exciting ranges of Hills Prescription treats are available to complement the diets so your pet doesn’t have to miss out at treat time. 

When you buy a diet from us you have full veterinary support and advice from the people you know and deal with normally and who know your pet  – this type of support is not available on the internet. 

What the diets are used to treat

Hills A/D diet 

  • This is a really high energy / protein food to aid the recovery of seriously ill pets after surgery, trauma, starvation and to build up thin or poorly thriving pets.

Hills B/D diet

  • This food slows the signs of brain aging in dog (cognitive dysfunction) and is useful for pets that have had strokes (vestibular syndrome)

Hills C/D diet

  • C/D diet is for pets with urinary stones, urinary infections such as cystitis. C/D diet helps to dissolve urinary stones and prevent further urinary infections.

Hills D/D diet

  • This is for pets with skin problems. It is a hypoallergenic diet and is available in several different flavours including duck, salmon and venison.

Hills G/D diet

  • This is useful for dogs with early kidney disease or early signs of organ deterioration in general.

Hills H/D diet

  • This diet is used for pets with heart problems – this low salt food contains vital nutrients for healthy heart function.

Hills i/D diet

  • It is used in pets with gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel problems and after gastrointestinal surgery.

Hills i/D Low Fat diet

  • This diet is used for pets with pancreatitis or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)

Hills J/D diet

  • J/D is used for pets with joint problems such as osteoarthritis, OCD, hip dysplasia or following joint surgery.

Hills K/D diet

  • This is a low protein, restricted phosphorus diet for pets in chronic renal failure.

Hills L/D diet

  • This is used for pets with liver disease and portosystemic shunts

Hills Metabolic diet

  • This diet is used for overweight pets – this is genuinely the best pet slimming food on the market. Over the years we have tried many different slimming diets – we have found that this is the only one that consistently works. Don’t waste your money on other brand light diets – they simply don’t work. 

Hills N/D diet

  • This is used in pets recovering from cancers or receiving chemotherapy – this innovative diet feeds the patient but starves the tumour.

Hills R/D diet

  • This is a general weight reduction diet.

Hills S/D diet

  • This diet helps to dissolve struvite urinary stones rapidly.

Hills T/D diet

  • This food has a specially formulated biscuit that scrapes your pet’s teeth clean as your pet bites into it. It is the best diet on the market to prevent tartar build up on your pet’s teeth.

Hills U/D diet

  • U/D is used to dissolve and prevent oxalate stones and is an ultra low protein diet for pets in advanced renal failure where severe protein restriction is required.

Hills Z/D diet

  • This is Hill’s zero allergen diet. It is a hydrolyzed diet which means it is formulated to elicit no allergic response from the body. It used to help diagnose food hypersensitivities.