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Pharmacy & Prescriptions

At All Creatures, we maintain a well stocked pharmacy for all your pet's routine medicinal requirements.

Our medicines are stored to comply with strict VMD regulations and at the optimal temperatures. Fridge temperatures for vaccines and insulin are monitored and recorded on a daily basis.

For repeat prescriptions, we politely request that these are ordered by phone or email 24 hours before hand to ensure that the vets have time to authorise each prescription.

For some chronic ailments such as hypothyroidism, epilepsy, diabetes, congestive heart failure and osteoarthritis for example, the vet will need to have assessed your pet within the last 3-6 months depending on the condition, before authorising the prescription. This safety measure allows us to make sure that your pet's health has not deteriorated, that the medicines are not having an adverse effect and that the dose requirements have not changed.

On your pet's prescription you will notice two sets of initials - these are written on by the person who has prepared the prescription and by the team member who has double checked the prescription.

If you require a written prescription to order medicines online, our prescription charge is currently £12 and your pet will need to have been seen by the vet for that particular condition within the previous 3-6 months. Please remember that not all online medications are genuine and you should only purchase veterinary medications from a site which is VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate) accredited and has the VMD logo clearly displayed. 

Please note also that an online pharmacy will not have the same knowledge of your pet as your vet and is unlikely to be able to help you if your pet is not doing well. A member of our veterinary team is available 24 hours a day for any extra advice. If you have worries about the cost of your pet's medication, then please discuss this with one of our vets as they may be able to help - we aim to set our medication fees at a level which is affordable for most pet owners.

Did you know?

Vets are not legally allowed to give out prescriptions without having assessed your pet. This is to ensure that the medicine you want is actually the correct one, that the diagnosis is correct and that we have the correct weight on record for your health. Irresponsible dispensing of medications costs animals their lives or additional suffering.
Understanding the labelling on your pet's medicine....


POM-V medicines may only be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon following a clinical assessment of an animal under their care. The prescribing veterinary surgeon may then administer the medicine or supply it to the client or give the client a written prescription.


POM-VPS medicines may only be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon, pharmacist or a suitably qualified person (SQP). There is no requirement for the prescriber to carry out a clinical assessment of the animal before prescribing a POM-VPS and the animal does not have to be under the prescriber’s care. 

These products are mainly authorized for administration to food producing animals, but there are a small number authorized for non-food producing animals.


Products categorized as NFA-VPS are those indicated for non-food producing animals to routinely prevent or reduce endemic disease. They do not have to be prescribed, but they can only be supplied by a veterinary surgeon, pharmacist or an SQP.  


AVM-GSL medicines are authorized VMPs that are considered to have a wide margin of safety and which may be supplied without any special advice. There is no requirement for anyone selling AVM-GSL medicines to be qualified and they do not have to be supplied from a registered, authorized or approved premises (but a wholesale dealer’s authorization is required to wholesale such products).