Emergency Out of Hours Service

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Emergency Out of Hours Service

Our team is available for emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Because we care about our patients, we provide our own after hours service - this means you will be seen at the All Creatures clinic by the vets who normally work at the clinic.

The after hours service runs from 7pm to 8 30am weekdays and from 4pm on Saturday through to 8 30am on Monday and pets should be brought to the clinic for examination.

House calls may be arranged in exceptional circumstances.

Consultations with the vet outside normal working hours are more expensive than day time examinations but we are happy to provide free advice on the phone to guide you as to whether or not your pet requires an emergency examination.

  • The examination fee between 7pm and midnight costs £40 + treatment + VAT
  • The examination fee between midnight and 830am costs £60 + treatment + VAT
  • Payment is normally required at the time of examination. The vets may be willing to make special arrangements with you regarding this in an emergency situation.
Please note that the PDSA Pet Aid does not cover out of hours fees.

To arrange an examination with the vet outside normal working hours please telephone 07763 882088. If the number is engaged, please send a text so the vet can call you back immediately.

Please do not use social media or email to arrange emergency appointments as these media are only checked once a day.

For all routine enquiries , please use the main practice phone number 028 7776 9777. Since we need to keep the out of hours line free for emergency calls (07763 882088), this number should be used only to arrange an out of hours examination with the vet - no routine appointments will be scheduled from this number and no patient updates will be given from this number.