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Vaccinations for life for only £99 + VAT

After your pet's first booster vaccination at 15 months, you can pay up front for your pet's vaccinations for the rest of their life for only £99 + VAT (excluding canine cough vaccine) . This could represent a saving of around £250.

Free health check and neutering for your new rescue pet. 50% off your rescue pet's initial vaccine

Got a new pet from a rescue shelter? Get an independent health check for free. Just bring the relevant shelter paperwork to prove that you have rehomed the pet. Not vaccinated yet? Let us do it for 50% off the regular price.

Restart your pet’s vaccine protection for only £25

If you’ve missed your pet’s booster vaccine, then let us help you to be your pet’s hero with this great deal to restart your adult dog or cat vaccines for only £25. (2 shots four weeks apart at this great price.) At All Creatures, we are at least 10% cheaper than any television advertised competitor deals.

Our vaccines are the safest on the market and we’ll make sure your will be fully protected against a wide range of diseases, including all the new strains of leptospirosis (Lepto 4)

And we’re going to make sure this deal runs right through the next 12 months We don’t do one month TV marketing gimmicks!

But remember…   

Protection against these diseases does not last indefinitely. Annual boosters are essential to maintain immunity that will protect your pet from infection and provide you with the opportunity for a yearly health check. The health check is a really great way to spot any potential problems in your pet’s health early.

A great discount package to give your new pup or kitten the best start in life

So you’ve added a new member to your family, you’ve fallen in love with them already and you want to give them the best start in life. Why not check out All Creature’s new puppy or kitten deal. For only £59.95 we will provide -

  • Your pet’s complete vaccination course
  • A full health check by a pet veterinary clinician
  • Microchipping with the smallest microchip needle on the market 
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear mite check
  • Top of the range worm treatment including lungworm protection
  • Top of the range flea, lice and mite prevention
  • Free 4 weeks pet insurance with Petplan
  • Free nurse clinics for the first year of your pet’s life
  • A starter pack of our very own wheat free puppy pet food (dog’s only)
  • The chance to spread the cost of your pet’s preventative care over a year