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Monday 16th November 2015

Winter Orthopaedic Update

Winter Orthopaedic Update

All Creatures's veterinary surgeon, Dr. Louise O Hare has just returned from attending a hands on course in the USA on the latest orthopaedic techniques. We are now able to offer the modified Maquet's method of TTA repair (tibial tuberosity advancement) for cranial cruciate ligament injuries at our clinic.

We use an OrthoFoam MMP standard wedge implant in our TTA surgeries. Orthofoam is a novel titanium open pore biomaterial that has been extensively researched for use in veterinary and human orthopaedics. The MMP wedge has been developed to replace existing TTA systems and benefits patients by allowing a considerably reduced time under anaesthesia to carry out the repair.

We are also pleased to be able to offer Ridgestop TM, a cutting edge new technique for the treatment of patellar luxation (slipping kneecap) in dogs. This technique offers a much less traumatic repair than traditional methods which involve cutting a deeper groove into the femur for the kneecap to sit in, it allows a consistent ridge height to be achieved and is also reversible.