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Saturday 5th December 2015

Important Vaccination Update

April 2017 vaccination update

At All Creatures, we upgraded all our canine patient's vaccines against new emerging strains of leptospirosis in 2015 and 2016 using a vaccine called Lepto 4. Leptospirosis is a disease spread by rats and mice and can be picked up by dogs that have access to rivers, streams, ponds, drains, farmland, and indeed anywhere that rats and mice might urinate. It can cause liver failure and kidney failure in dogs and is quite prevalent locally. Most dairy farmers vaccinate their cattle against leptospirosis.

In our hospital however, we experienced a higher level of reactions to this vaccine than we expected. These reactions included fever and pain at the injection site and caused a number of patients considerable distress. These reactions were also noticed by many other clinicians in Ireland and throughout the UK and concerns about the vaccine have been highlighted in the national press. As such we have decided to withdraw this vaccine from our vaccine program and return to use of the standard Lepto 2 vaccine which we had used for many years previously without any difficulty. In practice. the new strains of Leptospirosis do not appear to represent a threat to pets locally as yet and we have not encountered any cases in our day to day work.

If your pet has not had a vaccine in the last year, then we are happy to be able to provide the full course for the price of a standard booster vaccine. We are pleased to be able to say also that we are officially 10% cheaper than the latest corporate veterinary offerings on television. For any vaccine enquiries, don't hesitate to ask one of our vets.

If you have any reservations about vaccinating your pet regularly (leptospirosis annually, distemper / hepatitis / parvo every three years), we now offer a simple in house kit test which tells you immediately if your pet's immunity is up to date and as such if the vaccine is necessary.

Please note that the newer  leptospirosis vaccine (Lepto 4)  is still available should you prefer to have this extra cover - please inform the vet should you want this one done, otherwise the Lepto 2 vaccine will be carried out as normal.