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Friday 12th February 2016

Dermatology Allergy Update - new anti-itch medicine now available

Great news for pet owners who have an itchy allergic dog!

Veterinary dermatologists have been excited for some time about a new anti-itch wonderdrug called oclacitinib. For some time the initial supply has been very erratic and dermatologists have been reluctant to prescribe a medicine which has only been intermittently available. But it is great news to hear that a regular reliable supply is now finally available.

So what does it do? - oclacitinib basically stops the itch without the bad side effects of "steroids" (corticosteroids , prednisolone). It is used mainly in allergic dermatitis, particularly in atopic dermatitis. If your pet has ever been prescribed prednisolone, you may be familiar with the huge thirst, the wetting accidents, the massive appetite and the weight gain that may accompany prednisolone use.  You may also be aware of the potential serious side effects of steroid use such as a higher risk of diabetes, skin infections, heart problems, Cushing's disease and stomach ulceration. Not so with oclacitinib.

Oclacitinib is now available and always in stock at All Creatures in Limavady. It is normally prescribed for dogs  over one year of age with allergic dermatitis that has failed to respond to simpler treatments such as hypoallergenic diets, shampooing, antibiotics and insect control. It is available as a tablet which is given twice daily for 2 weeks initially then once daily. It may be possible to reduce the dose further. 

Some care is required in prescibing should not be used in lactating, pregnant or breeding dogs, and should not be used if your pet has a skin infection, Cushing's disease, or is suffering from a tumour. If you are interested in using this medicine for your pet's itchy skin complaint, then you should discuss the full implications of using it with a veterinary dermatologist.

Disappointed with traditional anti-itch medicines? When the allergy season comes around again this spring, ask your veterinary dermatologist at All Creatures about how he can help control your pet's itch with this new medicine -  we think that you and your pet won't be disappointed.

What are  veterinary dermatologists worldwide saying about Apoquel?
  • How fast it works - the effect is very dramatic and relief from that dreadful itch seems to occur within  12-48 hours.
  • The gold standard treatment for atopic dermatitis now might just be immunotherapy + Apoquel
  • The treatment of atopic dermatitis is still generally accepted to be "multi-modal" - ie a number of different treatments may be required together in a treatment program to give best relief from itching and this can vary from dog to dog. Oclacitib may form one component of the treatment regime for your pet's itchy skin but it none the less increases our treatment options in this complicated condition.

This update has been brought to you in partnership with Zoetis, the manufacturer of oclacitinib.

Coming soon...........

Monoclonal antibodies for your pet's itch - a simple injection that could safely stop your pet's itch for 1-2 months is just around the corner. Canine Atopic Dermatitis Immunotherapeutic, known presently as CADI, has been granted a conditional license for use in USA. Dermatologists eagerly await this innovative new treatment.