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All Creatures in Limavady is a PDSA Pet Aid clinic.

What is PDSA PetAid?

The PDSA is a pet charity established to help pet owners who may have difficulty paying for their pet’s veterinary care. PDSA stands for People's Dispensary for Small Animals. PDSA Pet Aid is a scheme which subsidises the cost of veterinary treatment for dogs, cats and small mammals including rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. Instead of paying normal priced veterinary fees, PDSA eligible customers are encouraged to make a voluntary donation towards the cost of the treatment provided. Please note that there is NO government funding for this scheme - it is entirely dependent on customer donations and PDSA fund raising activities.

To be eligible, the pet owner must be in receipt of either: -

  1. Housing benefit
  2. Rates relief
  3. Universal credit with a housing element and live within the County Derry / Londonderry catchment area. 

This really is a great scheme for eligible pet owners living within our local community. Approximately 300 families are being helped by this scheme at any one time. The scheme is currently helping people with disabilities or pet owner who are restricted to a wheelchair, families who have found themselves on hard times after losing a previously held job from which they have been made redundant, some people with health problems that have developed and prevented them from working, and some pensioners who are having to claim council or housing benefit. For many people in these situations, having this kind of help for the pet they love as part of their family is really important to them. For pets, it means that no animal should ever be denied treatment on the grounds of cost and also that there is no longer any excuse for an owner to allow a pet to suffer without treatment (fortunately this is only a rare occurrence locally - Limavady's pet owners are widely known to be exceptionally kind and dedicated to their animals)

Some rules about the PDSA scheme

  • The scheme is a REGISTRATION scheme which means that the service is available to all those clients who have registered on the scheme before their pet becomes ill or has an accident.
  • Registration requires filling in a form, getting the housing executive to stamp it or enclose proof of rates relief (dated within the last 6 months) and returning this to our clinic with a POSTAL ORDER for £7.50 made payable to PDSA
  • If we have not seen your pet recently, we will require a health check prior to registration to ensure that there are no pre existing problems that warrant attention.
  • When registered you will receive a registration CERTIFICATE - keep this safe and present it to the vet at the start of your pet's examination. We reserve the right to restrict treatment if the certificate is not presented.
  • You need to renew your registration every 6 months - this is in case your circumstances change, but it does mean filling out and having the paperwork stamped every 6 months.
  • If you allow your registration on this scheme to lapse by failing to complete your renewal forms then you cease to be on the scheme until you have registered again.  If your registration lapses and your pet becomes sick or injured, you will have to pay our normal practice fees yourself.
  • Only one pet per household is eligible for the scheme.
  • Our of hours examinations (Sundays, after 630pm weekdays or after 4pm on Saturdays)are not covered and you will have to pay an out of hours surcharge (the vet MAY waiver this depending on the nature of the complaint)
  • All pets on the scheme must have up-to-date vaccinations carried out at All Creatures practice as PDSA funds will not be used to treat preventable diseases. We offer a 25% discount on our vaccinations for our PDSA customers.
  • The Pet Aid scheme does not cover pets of holiday visitors who are registered with PDSA hospitals at home.
  • The scheme is for bona fide clients of All Creatures Veterinary Health Centre only - we reserve the right to refuse treatment if you use the services of another practice for the bulk of your work.
  • PDSA Pet Aid is NOT a substitute for pet insurance - it is a basic no frills treatment scheme. While we will provide the best level of care we can for your pet within the rules of the scheme, PDSA customers should appreciate and respect the fact that a subsidised charity scheme cannot provide top of the range diagnostic and treatment procedures (for example MRI scanning, hydrotherapy) - if you wish to have the most advanced diagnostics and treatments available, then we strongly recommend that you take out pet insurance.
  • We expect clients who are benefiting from the scheme to have their pet neutered at All Creatures Veterinary Health Centre and to purchase vaccinations, wormers and flea treatment from us.

Treatments that are not covered under the scheme include:-

  • Attention outside normal surgery hours
  • Vaccinations
  • Routine neutering
  • Flea and worming preventive treatments
  • Advanced medical and surgical treatments that would normally be referred to a specialist
  • Supply of prescription pet food
  • Laboratory tests not essential for diagnosis
  • Post-mortem examinations & cremations
  • Health checks, nail clipping, dental descaling
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and complications of pregnancy
  • House calls
Our top tip if you're on a budget..... Take out PDSA Pet Aid + our Healthy Pet Club Bronze Plan -> minimal cost & minimal worry

As the scheme is fairly complex, we recommend a complimentary appointment with one of our reception or nursing staff to go through the terms of the scheme with you properly and to answer any questions you may have. Also if you know of someone who may be paying veterinary bills unnecessarily, please let them know about this scheme.


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