Cats Protection League (CPL)


  • All Creatures Veterinary Health Centre
    14 Anderson Avenue
    Edenmore Road
    BT49 0TF
  •   028 7776 9777


From humble beginnings in 1927, Cats Protection has grown to become the UK's leading feline welfare charity. In 2014 they helped over 205,000 cats and kittens through a network of over 250 volunteer-run branches and 31 adoption centres. Their work doesn’t stop there, however: they also provide an array of cat care information via publications, website and Helpline; promote the benefits of neutering to prevent unwanted litters from being born and becoming the abandoned cats of tomorrow and seek to educate people of all ages about cats and their care.

At All Creatures, with CPL funding, we are able to offer low cost cat neutering to pet owners on means tested benefits, students and pensioners. Prices start from as little as £5 per cat. We also offer a humane trapping and neutering service for feral colonies and farm cats funded through the CPL. When we neuter a feral cat we will make a small ear notch so that the cat can be more readily identified as neutered and will not be hopefully caught and knocked out to neuter again. For stray and female cats (and indeed dogs) it is very difficult to know if they have been neutered already and the ear notch system helps to prevent unnecessary further surgical exploration.

Please contact us if you are able to provide a good home for a cat or a kitten - we always have a number of abandoned cats and kittens at the clinic. Some of them are stray pet cats or kittens that have been involved in road traffic accidents and original owners have been unable to be found.