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ImageAssistance Dogs Northern Ireland (ADNI)

Assistance Dogs Northern Ireland (ADNI) was founded in 2011, with the help of Disability Action and Autism NI. ADNI hopes to fulfill the need for more Assistance Dogs and training options for disabled people within Northern Ireland.

Their vision is a future in which their users will achieve independence and dignity through the highest quality of service they can provide, by working in cooperation with each individual to meet their needs.

Their aim is to train assistance dogs to improve the quality of life for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and for people who have a mobility disability. Their aim in the future is to consider other disabilities.

21% of adults in Northern Ireland, and 6% of children have been diagnosed with one or more disabilities. ADNI believes that there is a gap in the provision of Assistance Dogs for these people within Northern Ireland, and hopes to help as many people as is possible.

Assistance Dogs provide independence and dignity for people with disabilities, and can greatly increase quality of life and promote well being.

At All Creatures, we would encourage anyone thinking about buying pup or who would like to rear and train a pup for a while to contact ADNI. 
What is required?

► Have you the time and energy to devote to manage a lively puppy?

► Can you be at home for most of the day?

► Can you attend weekly dog training classes?

► Are you able to follow training plans to allow the puppy to develop into a well balanced and social dog?

► Do you want to enjoy the fun of classes and outings?

► Are you able and willing to regularly visit lots of different environments and use various forms of transport to socialise their puppy?

► Do you have a secure, dog friendly garden?

► Are you able to wave the puppy goodbye when all your good work is finished?

► ADNI provide ALL food, equipment, insurance and veterinary costs.

Tel 07557 960599 or email