Mission Statement


  • All Creatures Veterinary Health Centre
    14 Anderson Avenue
    Edenmore Road
    BT49 0TF
  •   028 7776 9777
  •   info@allcreaturesvets.co.uk

As we value and respect our customers highly and understand the deep bond that they have with their pets, our clinic strives to - 

  • Provide the highest level of care to the pets entrusted to us
  • Promote responsible preventative health care to pet owners
  • Provide the best possible level of service for our customers
  • Prioritise your pet's welfare in making our treatment decisions
  • Treat all animals in our care humanely and respectfully
  • Involve you, the owner, fully in the decision making process regarding your pet's care
  • Keep you, the owner, updated regularly on your pets, whilst they are under our care
  • Help maintain a local community of responsible, educated pet owners
  • Maintain a team of highly motivated, exceptional staff
  • Provide you with the best possible facilities, diagnostic and treatment techniques for your pet
  • Be courteous, professional and understanding and maintain a good relationship with our clients
  • Advance and develop our own knowledge and skills by continuing our own veterinary education
  • Set a fee level that is fair and transparent